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Do You Want More Growth? Sustainable Growth For The Long Run?

The REAL question is – how do you get more and sustainable growth?

There are countless marketing strategies and tactics out there. Which one is the best? Where do you really need to focus your resources?

I realise you are a small business with great potential. Or an entrepreneur or startup with high goals for growth! But you all have limited resources.

Let’s look at content for example. Content (including email marketing) is one of the sources of traffic to your company’s website or blog. It is just one way of building your brand’s awareness and bringing in traffic. Whether B2C or B2B.

But content is a huge field. And it includes so many strategies and tactics about how to nail it. When I say nail it, I mean it. To hit the nail on the head and see if and what really brings you the results you wish. The growth you desire!

Even I don’t focus on everything. Why? Because it’s really impossible.

But I am still able to get amazing results like only a few because I have figured out a handful of strategies and tactics that actually work.

Just take a look at the screenshots below. It’s from a piece of content (video) I created for, the world’s first daily Nordic newsletter.

It really went viral and achieve these results with 0$ in ads. All organic.

It reached more than 200.000 people and was viewed more than 68.000 times.

OK, as you know I am completely transparent. So, you can see all the numbers.

I know what you are thinking! “Hey Pavlos, you got only 30.000 10-second video views! No big deal!”.

Look! This is one of the most common misconceptions about marketing. Numbers are numbers. You need to check the insights and crosscheck with your GOALS.

My goal was to build awareness because at that point the daily Nordic newsletter had only been live for less than 50 days.

So, achieving 200K reach at that point with a single video is a good result.

Here are some more stats.

This is my Facebook page’s video stats. Looking beyond the video metrics I gained almost 1000 new followers and had 10K engagements.

Now, look at the right of the image: Organic 100%. Shared 85%.

And the best part is the one below:

+67% increase in email subscribers during the month that this video went viral.

Now you get the big picture. Because it all comes down to the results.

And the results are good. So that, one of the world’s most popular video marketing platforms, decided to present it as a success story on their website! Take a look!

I know. You might think “Hey, do you have any other success story to share with an external client?”. Take a look at the screenshot below.

For the past many years, I have been working with, a major news portal today in Greece, about infrastructure and public works in Greece.

Since 2010 when I helped with setting up the website, the business and its website, it has grown tremendously.

From 0 to over 500K users PER MONTH. And from a blog to a full-house online medium with lots of advertising and products like e-books and conference sponsorships, that have made it a successful profitable business.

But most importantly from an amateur blog to one of the country’s leading media (in the areas of news and politics, with a focus on infrastructure and transport).

I am Nordic at heart. I don’t like to show off and all the above do seem like bragging. I don’t feel comfortable with that but I have to put it on this page so you can get an idea of the potential between you and me.

I am blessed to be able to test and experiment with my own projects (like All Things Nordic and its social media channels). So, I can then apply my learnings and findings on the consulting projects I am working on.

So, I don’t experiment with your business or brand. Or your own money. Yes, we will have to experiment to check what works best for your case (each case is unique you know) BUT I don’t waste anybody’s money.

Because I know how it is to spend your own hard-earned money to grow your thing.

Is there a catch? No, absolutely not! I am no magician and based on my Nordic values, I have to tell you that I am always honest and to the point.

I promise that I can help you build your brand and grow in a sustainable way, with the power of content.

And based on a culture of trust, diversity, openness and respect. With the eye on the long-run sustainable growth of your business.

Don’t worry. I am not alone here to help you. I also got my moose to guide me with its wisdom. 🦌

And I got a plan! I know my stuff and have put all this knowledge, experience and expertise into a single simple growth plan. Take a look!

You can also see it live, here.

This plan begins with the basics of the brand (growth-wise) and goes all the way down to the strategies and tactics you need to implement, in order to grow sustainably.

As you can see, marketing in 2019 and beyond is not paid ads only, nor just content. Each brand and business is unique. Growth can come from all these different sources in the plan above (Check the tab Sources of traffic).

I can help with making this growth plan for you and help you implement it. But in case you have this plan already in place but need help with the specifics of content marketing (including email marketing), my moose and I can help as well!

Marketing as a service is about leveraging the power of a well-rounded growth marketer when you have limited resources.

I am also here to help if you got a specific problem to solve in any of the above.

Marketing consulting is about solving e a specific marketing problem with the help of a marketer that has knowledge and experience.

I know I can’t compete with big marketing agencies or consulting firms. But I know my thing and how to do it.

For the past 13 years, I have worked in and with a bunch of amazing people and companies.

I have become good at helping people and businesses grow sustainably that I frequently receive messages from people on LinkedIn, asking me how they can do it or how I can help them. I am humbled. And try to offer as much free advice as possible.

Because I believe in people, great ideas and brands with aspirations to make an impact and make the world better.

So, the real question after all this is not whether I can help you grow sustainably with the power of marketing and content.

It’s about if there is a match between you and me. Professionals, brands and businesses thrive when they work with people they trust and have fun working with.

SO – if you want to work with me (hooray!)

Contact me

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