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The introvert paradox
Why introvert solopreneurs and entrepreneurs fail

We live in a predominantly “loud” extrovert world. And this is not right. Introvert people, let alone solopreneurs and entrepreneurs like you and me, are unique with amazing skills and qualities, equally capable to build and run successful meaningful businesses.

Yet, many fail with their businesses. This is a paradox. And it has to change!

First things first, being an introvert is not a problem. Biologically speaking, you were born this way. You are perfectly normal and anyone saying the opposite is simply holding you down.

And nature gave you unique skills and secret superpowers, like empathy, strategic thinking and observation skills.

I got more good news. You don’t have to change and try to fit in the extrovert culture. You just need to tame your superpowers and use them wisely

However, many introvert solopreneurs and entrepreneurs fail. The main reason is inertia. You overthink. I know, I do the same. And when you finally make a decision, you spend even more time overplanning how to do it. By yourself. 

I get it. This is why you are called a solopreneur. The same goes for any new entrepreneur, with no team behind, yet. You wear many hats, from working with your clients and doing accounting to marketing and sales. But trying to do things on your own, forever, won’t get you far.

Even if you take action and ask for help, trying to adapt to and adopt the extrovert way of doing things, you will most likely struggle. Simply because this is not you and you will feel the push every step of the way.

And this continuous stress will exhaust you, physically, mentally and psychologically. For us introverts, such a meltdown is the #1 reason for vanishing for a while (which is bad for business) or even quitting altogether.

Is there a realistic alternative to that? Of course, there is. And as I mentioned above, nature gave you all the skills to excel in that. And this is where I come in.


How I can

Once I accepted myself for who I really am, all doors opened wide. And I know the way to help you grow your business, too, sustainably, while being yourself. Just like I did with mine.

As a person who seeks meaning in life, after working with clients that turned out to be introverts too, I decided to make it my cause.

To help introverted solopreneurs and entrepreneurs build and grow their B2B business sustainably, with the power of content and a Nordic twist.



Content is the cornerstone of marketing in the 2020s. It can help you build your brand and a loyal community around it. 

Content can not only boost your reach and awareness but also increase how much people from your target audience like and trust you. 

Remember: you can sustainably get new clients if you can prove your competence and build trust. And content can help with both.

Producing the right content for your audience is an art and science. But there is much more than that. Distributing this content can really make it or break it. And finding the most suitable way to use this content to build a community around your brand is the key to success. 

You may ask: is content only appropriate for businesses run by introverts? No, it is marketing 101 for all types of businesses. But it is perfectly suited to your personality and needs as an introvert. 

First of all, as an introvert, you are very observing and empathetic. That helps you gain unique insights about your audience: what their problems are, how they feel, what kind of help they need and how you can make a positive impact in their life. 

Focusing on content can bring sustainable growth without having to succumb to the extrovert way of doing sales and marketing.

I can help with content marketing: from strategy and planning to production and distribution.

Content is a no-brainer for introverts who want to grow their business strong while being themselves.

But why choose me as your co-introvert content-marketing-growth partner? Read on!

What I
stand for

Since 2018, when I went solo, I have been preaching value(s) marketing. This has a double meaning. On one hand, it is about how you can create and share value with your target audience and on the other hand, it is about being true to your own set of values. And infusing these values into your content and marketing. This can really help you build your brand and differentiate you from your competitors.

My set of values span all my content, marketing and growth services, as well as my own content. And they are all inspired by the Nordic culture, I truly adhere to, on grounds of my personality and -perhaps- the origins I have recently discovered.

Moreover, these values are 100% compatible with our introvert nature and can bring both results and meaning. They work both ways: towards you and your business (how I treat you if we work together) and towards your own target audience (how you treat them).

It is about being able to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs in the future. It is about thinking for the long-term, too and not only the short term. Growth hacks, salesy tricks, pushy marketing are short term and in many cases can harm your brand and business. Sustainable marketing is built on values and around content. Besides, I know we introverts can’t support this “loud” aggressive marketing in the long run. It’s exhausting.
It’s about being open to new things, new people (in our own introvert way of course), new technologies, new experiences. It’s good for you as a professional but also for your business and target audience. We need not be afraid of change, rather embrace it as it is the only way to evolve. Doing the same things over and over again (like trying to do everything in your business by yourself) will only produce the same poor results and create more disappointment and frustration.
It’s about connecting diverse things and people in an equal and respectful way. Equality is about showing that all people are the same, regardless of their personal characteristics (like sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, physical anatomy, personality). Respect is about deep admiration and due regard for the feelings, wishes and the rights of others. We introverts are very empathetic and nature made us excel in that. Let’s embrace it and let it shine!
It’s about telling beautiful and inspiring stories, expressing your deep inner world. Storytelling is the best way to get your message across. Beauty refers to the visual part of your stories and inspiration is about the message itself and how you can trigger action. Because after all, as an introvert, you want to make an impact and give your life and career a deeper meaning, right? I am with you on that. Storytelling is the most effective and fun way to let out all your creativity (and you have a lot of it by the way).

100% Compatible
with your Needs
as an Introvert

Save time
Having no business niche or proper targeting really wastes your time. No one prospered by selling to everyone.I know how it feels, especially at the beginning, when you need revenues. And it’s OK to start broad. But only for the very few first months until you narrow down your target audiences. The sooner you explore and choose the most appropriate target audiences to focus on, the faster you will begin having a smooth flow of clients and revenues. Time is money.
Save money
Introvert people are inclined to do thorough research before deciding on a course of action. The thing is that a business model may work for one business but it may not work for your case. It can only cost you a lot of money. Either money spent in the wrong direction or loads of revenues lost. Choosing the most appropriate business model for your case (matching your personality, your brand and your business) can save you a lot of this money.
Focus your energy on what really matters
Multitasking is the #1 challenge of solopreneurs. Time management is #2. Since you work alone, you need to wear too many hats. You may end up doing little to really grow your business and your marketing is like shooting randomly in the sky. The sooner you decide to outsource marketing, the quicker you will level up your energy again. Focus on what really matters: your personal life, time to recharge, the introspection that feeds your sense of meaning.
Reduce stress & anxiety
Most introvert solopreneurs feel uncomfortable with selling, so they basically skip it. Using content to build your brand is another way of doing marketing. And sales. If you outsource it to someone who knows how to do it, your business will always be out there for your target audience. Even at times of extreme workload or general overload that introverted people often experience, your business will continue to work for you.
Improve results significantly
Do “no growth”, “slow growth” or “unsteady growth” ring a bell? Having a strategic approach to fit your personality and business and a systematic plan to do marketing can create a steadily growing flow of leads and new clients. This can stabilize your revenue stream and empower you to invest more back into your business. Instead of going down the rabbit holes of inaction and uncertainty, you can opt for creating your own growth loops.
Boost your confidence
Most solopreneurs have a “fear of inadequacy”, that they don’t have what it takes. This is often amplified by the isolation solopreneurs find themselves in, because of working alone. If you are afraid of failure, as most people do, working together will help you let go of it. Failure comes from inaction. With my systematic and trackable marketing approach, you will see real progress. And this small daily progress will slowly add up to sustainable business growth.
Achieve work - life balance while making an impact.
You must have started your business to pursue your passion and make an impact, right? This is what gives you meaning and as an introvert solopreneur myself I can confirm that. But running a business alone can drain your energy. And although you find real meaning in your work, you need to lead a balanced life. Building your brand around content will help you grow your business in the long-term, without sacrificing the other parts of your life. You really deserve it.

What my clients
Say about me

Helped my brand go from strength to strength

Pavlos is one very committed professional. He helped me with marketing fundamentals and content marketing, as my service is unique. I cannot highly recommend enough Pavlos’s thoughtfulness, excellent marketing skills, genuine interest, time and effort he puts into his work. As a result, I am confident that my brand is going from strength to strength.
Founder / Language coach

On point and to the point

Pavlos really helped me understand my business’ marketing fundamentals, refine my target audiences, USP and benefits. It is important to clearly define your target audience before launching any marketing and Pavlos strategically helped me with that. He is both a strategic thinker and a doer, he helped me with my first test campaigns, when I needed to validate the marketing assumptions. Plus, the collaboration went smoothly and communication was on point and to the point. Even after our project ended, he is still there for my business. Highly recommended.

Top notch

We have been working together for years now. He is a trustful professional with impeccable content and marketing skills. He helped us grow our business enormously. Pavlos knows how to get to the essence of things. He can dig into your target audience and discover unique insights to use for content and marketing. Apart from our year-long cooperation, I trusted him with a new project. An almost dead content website that he managed to resurrect after just 6 months. From zero to hero. He worked on the targeting and content strategy and planning that proved on point and grew traffic 20X while finding the best target audience to invest in. Plus, he is fun to work with and trustful.

Saved my business

Right when I struggled with my business’ future, Pavlos’ strategic insights about the right target audience to invest in and the right content – product combination helped me rebounce. He is a good listener and can easily identify the issues and pain points and suggest the right actions to take. Pavlos can become your marketing partner, as he truly invests in the relationships with his clients like he did with me. I trust his advice and guidance 100%: what to say, when, where, to whom. The best part is that all his plans are actionable, plus he can help with content production as well. He really knew how to connect with me and help me achieve my business goals.
Founder / Sustainable tourism consultant

Thoughtful & valuable

We worked together with Pavlos, when we were about to launch our new business. Pavlos helped us navigate through marketing the proper way. We all read about marketing hacks, tricks and tips, but they rarely work as they are based on a generic one-size-fits-all approach. He provided help customized to our own case, with lots of insights. We received a lot of value as we were able to understand better what kind of audience to target and where to focus our marketing efforts. Also, through his thoughtful process, we were able to discover our USP, what our differentiation vs competitors is and where we should focus our communication. All in all, the value for money was totally worth it and I would recommend Pavlos to everyone else.

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ABOUTWhat I do
Hej! I am Pavlos Rizos (also known as The Nordic Marketer). I help other introvert entrepreneurs and solopreneurs grow their business, sustainably, with content and a Nordic twist.
LOCATIONWhere to find me
The Nordic Marketer - Locations map
Working with clients around Europe
Business office in Tallinn, Estonia
Currently in Athens, Greece
If you are curious to get to know me better and discover more about how I can help, follow me on these social platforms.
ABOUTWhat I do
Hej! I am Pavlos Rizos (also known as The Nordic Marketer). I help other introvert entrepreneurs and solopreneurs grow their business, sustainably, with content and a Nordic twist.
LOCATIONWhere to find me
The Nordic Marketer - Locations map
Working with clients around Europe
Business office in Tallinn, Estonia
Currently in Athens, Greece
If you are curious to get to know me better and discover more about how I can help, follow me on these social platforms.

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Copyright by TellPlayGrow OÜ. All rights reserved.