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[PDF] #NeverFail series ⭐️ Episode #2: No market need (II)

So, the day before I talked about the #1 reason why new businesses, #entrepreneurs & #startups fail.

No market need.

I shared 5 simple steps to validate your idea before even thinking of launching a business.

If you’ve missed it, here is your second chance.

🦌 Remember: first you validate your idea & if all good, then you validate your product.

🦌Today, I am sharing the steps for #productvalidation

1. build an #MVP

2. promote it & make real sales

3. #crowdfund to check if there is indeed demand

4. analyze your results for the first insights & metrics

5. seek partnerships

Once you do these steps & get positive results, then you are ready to launch your product & business and get into the #traction phase.

For more about traction ➡️

🦌 So, what about these product validation steps? What do you say?

A. I can’t distinguish with idea validation (puzzled)

B. it’s the right path

C. I don’t need them, I can have shortcuts (let me know how)


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