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[PDF] #NeverFail ⭐️ Episode #4: Not the right team

I continue my quest to find out why #startups fail.

Reason #3: not the right team

Well, let’s get this straight: people are your most valuable assets.

Your people will help you make it or break it.

So, why don’t startups have the right teams? Let’s put the 5 WHY’s method to practice (if you missed it )

1. because #entrepreneurs don’t pick the right people

2. they have little clue of what is needed at any given point

3. they don’t know what stage they are at

4. they have not done a business & growth plan.

5. they don’t know how to do it.

Pfff 🤯

🦌 To make sure you pick the right team, you need to:

– make a realistic business and #growthplan

– check your resources

– consider #outsourcing

– write down who you really need

More in the document ⤵️

🦌 #Growthmindset tip: people are an investment. You need to be sure how each person contributes to the growth goals you have set. If not, reassign or reshuffle.

Your turn now: What’s your experience with working in or with the wrong team?

Let me know in the comments at the end of the LinkedIn post below.

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