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[PDF] #NeverFail series ⭐️ Episode #3: Ran out of cash

In the first 2 episodes, I explored the #1 reason why #startups and new businesses fail. No market need.

What everyone would expect to be the #1 reason -> running out of cash is actually the far second.

So, why does their money dry up? 💸🦌

1. they don’t have (enough) sales

2. they have high costs

3. they don’t do business planning

🦌To make sure you have money in the pocket, you must:

– make sure you have validated your idea/product (see first two episodes) 

– prioritize expenses and control costs (No, you don’t need fancy expensive offices during the launch!)

– make a business & and #growthplan.

🦌 Oh! And the #growthmindset. You really need to understand where you are at:

idea & product #validation ➡️ #traction stage ➡️ #growth stage

NOTE: there is no shortcut in this sequence, sorry! Also, when you launch, you are not automatically at the growth stage.

🦌Your turn now: What’s your take on all this?

A. Sad but true. I resonate with reasons 1, 2 and/or 3 of the list above. Let me know so I can help.

B. I get it but what is the difference between the 3 stages? Ask me & I will explain.

C. My business is a unicorn. Let me know to work with you then!

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