Growth marketing

What is sustainable business growth? And how can growth marketing help? 🚀

Potential clients ask me these questions a lot.

First things first, #sustainability is about thinking about the long term needs without compromising the present needs.

Sustainable #businessgrowth is about surviving (short-term, today) and thriving (long term, future).


#Growthhacking is about ways to reach an ambitious goal rapidly.

#Growth marketing is a structured way to build your brand, set milestones, reach them in the short term and invest in long term results.

You can use some #growthhacks but they are not the core of your strategy.


It is not a #business plan. This is about expenses VS revenues.

#growthplan is a tool to focus your efforts on #growth, both short term and long term. This is the template I use for my clients ⤵️

You see that #content lies at the core of the plan. Because it can help with all traffic sources (#organic, #ads#seo#emailmarketing#partnerships#referrals)

Your turn now: what do you think?

A. I am building my brand at the moment

B. There is too much competition. I need to survive

C. I have the luxury to work both short and long term

Let me know in the comments at the end of the LinkedIn post below!

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