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[VIDEO] How to hire the first marketing person in your startup

How does it feel hiring your first #marketing guy or gal in your #startups?

Here are ⭐️ The 3 most important things to consider as an entrepreneur ⭐️

So, your startup has finally a good product, that some people already love.

You have done all the validation & have your first paying customers too.

Perhaps there is a stream of funds coming in! Hats off!

But then you realise that the time has come & you need to build your marketing team.

Your heart is pumping, you can see the $$$ at the end of the tunnel. You have all sorts of marketing ideas and the resources to make things happen!

Whoa! Take a minute and breathe! Because you don’t really know where to start from or whom to hire, right?

🦌Questions like

– who is the best fit for my company?

– how can I describe exactly what I need?

– how can I find the best marketer in the market?

pop up in your mind.

OK, marketing is an art & science as wide as medicine or engineering!

💯 To help you with this first-time experience, here are the 3 most important things to have in mind, BEFORE you even start writing that job post!

🦌 Watch the video below to find out & please be kind enough to SHARE it with anyone in your circle that owns or works in a start-up! You will save their day!

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