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They told me that content marketing is too restrictive! ⚠️⛔️❌

Last year, I decided to quit my full-time job & start my own business.

Before that decision, I experimented.

Took on some digital #growth projects, even experimented as a content writer (for others).

They told me that I was not ready to become a #growthhacker.

Also, that focusing on content #marketing will limit my potential.

I prove them wrong. Content can help you build your own business by realising your #why.

💬 I love to share my knowledge & insights about the world we live in, to help others grow #sustainably. Be it people or businesses.

It was never a matter of choice for me: growth or #content. Both felt right.

Here are the 2 most important lessons:

– you need to choose between #growthhacking and #growthmarketing. I choose the latter. We live in an era of brands.

– content can achieve growth. It depends on what you define as content. For me, content is everything from the brand story you tell to the content you post and your ads & PR.

Building my own content-focused business, for people ( & businesses (#thenordicmarketer), feels great.

➡️Speaking of choices, when was the last time they told you had to choose but instead you combined things creatively to do it your own way?

Let me know in the comments at the end of the LinkedIn post below!

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