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Marketing as a service for B2B 💥 like Columbus discovering America

OK, I love to twist popular terms.

You must have heard about #MaaS? #MarketingAsAService?

Well, it is about um, many things: from an extension of marketing automation platforms to fulfil more needs to marketing as part of customer experience.

But way too often, the real need is to have someone take care of your #growth and #marketing without having to pay all the overheads of hiring & retaining a marketing team in house.

This is why this version of Marketing as a Service can help you #grow #sustainably, effectively & efficiently.

As SMEs, entrepreneurs & startups, you may find it hard to fund:- hirings in growth & marketing (their core is their product and operations)- big talent & smart brains- paid advertising- sometimes even offices to house your team.

No worries! MaaS is a new upgraded version of outsourcing marketing.


– with #outsourcing, you just save the costs of hiring a marketer in house. You get an invoice and the working relationship is the same.

– with MaaS, you can get a brilliant mind to work for your marketing needs and help you grow, with great flexibility: from part-time to full-time, from strategy to execution, from short-term to long term, from #content to #emailmarketing and from #socialmedia to paid #ads, even #remotely, at flexible prices.


– competence (someone who knows his stuff and has knowledge, experience & expertise)

– trust (someone you can hold on to in tough times or when you face a problem and need honest solutions)

– culture fit (someone who embraces diversity, creativity, openness, respect & fun)

🦌Would you work with a Marketer As A Service for your business? If not, why?

Let me know in the comments at the end of the LinkedIn post below!

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