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WHY did I start all this?

Imagine a world, in which both people and businesses grow sustainably, with openness, respect and creativity.

That would be the perfect world. At least to me. This is what I dream of every night and what motivates me every morning when I open my eyes and get ready to live the day.

Since the day we are born, we grow in a specific environment: our home and family, the neighbourhood, the schools we attend, the city we live in.

We carry our own personality, by default, but we also create our character, based on the stimuli and influences we get.

I grew up in a home full of books, music and togetherness. I spent hours reading volumes upon volumes of encyclopedias, listening to music tapes and vinyl records, painting and creating stories with my toy figures.

Creativity has always been a part of me. But deeper inside me, I found I had a burning fire for learning: how our world works, about times of the past (history) and the future (new discoveries and technologies).

But I did not feel complete if I could not share what I had learned. Sharing knowledge and insights made it feel right for me. Expressing them on paper as a painting or text was amazing.

Decades later when I was called to find my inner driver, my WHY, I found myself feeling good with this cause:

To share my knowledge and insights about the world we live in so that we all grow together.

This is my WHY and mission. And they apply to both people and businesses.

I have always been in love with the Nordic countries (you know, the ones at the Northernmost part of Europe). Besides, 7.7% of my DNA comes from there. The concepts and way of life there in the Nordics motivated me to spread the word, in order to help people live a more balanced life. This is how All Things Nordic came to life.

It is the world’s 1st daily Nordic newsletter, with stories and lifestyle concepts from the Nordics, to inspire and help people live more balanced, in a sustainable way. You can join our amazing community here!

But values like openness, respect, creativity and sustainability are important in business too. Throughout my 13+ year long experience in business and marketing, I found out that any marketing, when not centred around these values, won’t be enough to help a business grow sustainably.

This is why I decided to help professionals and entrepreneurs build their personal and business brands. Growth marketing with a focus on content is my approach to sustainable growth.

I have worked for and with many companies, small and big, startups (like QUIZDOM and YPODOMES.COM) and multinational corporations (like L’OREAL, KRAFT PAINTS and MATTEL), in diverse industries and markets (from chemicals and toys to cosmetics and mobile apps).

What I found out is that content, in any form or format, must really be at the core of marketing. Before content comes the brand story and before that comes the brand. Growing the business equals building and growing the brand.

I put my knowledge and insights in business and marketing to practice. And I find the greatest joy watching the brands and businesses I work with grow sustainably, today and in the years to come.

This is The Nordic marketer! But why Nordic? And why the moose?

What is your WHY, purpose, cause or belief? Drop a line in the form below to let me know!
WHY did I start all this?

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