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WHAT is the story behind the moose?

You know by now that I am a big fan of the Nordics. Not because of the landscapes and the weather. But also because of their values. I feel I share them myself, too.

One of the most predominant Nordic animals is the moose. Some may call it elk because the moose is the Northern American version. Still, the moose resonates more with me, as a word, and it is part of the Nordic culture. But this was not the only reason I chose it, it was the initial inspiration.

How it unfolded

And as I started thinking and working on what symbol I could possibly use, something that could depict my personality and character, both as an individual and as a professional, the moose started to appear in my life, more and more often.

From YouTube videos to music and arts. It came as no surprise that the moose finally got into my house. Literally. Last Christmas, my partner brought in an amazing wooden moose, handcrafted and gifted to him during a promotion.

Since then, I have been cherishing the moose and it has the most prominent place in my office.

Digging deeper into the symbolism of the moose, what many call spirit animal or whatever, I found out that there was more in it than I initially thought. Quickly, I felt like the animal’s personality perfectly fit mine. Add its Nordic origin and there you go, this is why I picked the moose.

Read on to find out what it means. It all blends with my cause and my values, so it makes perfect sense.

The Nordic Marketer - Moose

Get to know the moose

The moose is a big and tall animal. It is very active at dawn and dusk (like me!) and has very delicate senses. It is adaptable as it can thrive both in the water (a great swimmer) and on the land (fast runner). It is a peaceful and territorial animal (conquers and protects the area afterwards).

I can see so many traits of mine in this purely biological description of the moose. But people have further expanded the moose’s symbolism, over the centuries. They regard it as clumsy, graceful, strange and breathtaking sometimes.

Find out what the moose symbolizes

  • strength. Due to its big size, the moose reflects inner strength and balanced power, used to move forward.
  • balance. The moose knows when to lay back and when to get going. There is a powerful balance that guides it.
  • wisdom. Quiet, observant and gentle, it assesses the environment and makes the most appropriate decisions.
  • togetherness. The moose is a peaceful animal and thrives in its own territory, even more, when it is surrounded by other moose.
  • speed. Going fast on land or in water makes the moose adaptive. It can overcome obstacles to achieve its goals.
  • endurance. Thriving in the Arctic climate, it can be patient and persevere. Its courage and determination to survive and thrive in this harsh environment make it a symbol of endurance.

Wow! I can’t resonate more with all these. And they perfectly fit my cause and values.

They say the moose spirit is about having the inner strength and determination to explore, learn, thrive and then share the knowledge and insights.

But there is also a creative force within that can be expressed in the form of things that can be both appealing to the senses and inspiring to the soul.

Now, you get the big picture of The Nordic Marketer, right?

Do you feel like working together?

In the meantime, share your personal story below!

What is your personal symbol as an individual or a professional? It can be a thing or an animal or anything else that you feel best describes you.
WHAT is the story behind the moose?

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