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HOW come the Nordic marketer?

If you haven’t read “WHY did I start all this?” yet, please feel free to read why it all started. There are some hints there as to why I chose to call myself “The Nordic Marketer” but let me explain in detail.

Whether it is because part of my DNA comes from the Nordic region or because their lifestyle concepts and way of life resonate more with my soul, I have always had a strong affinity with and for the Nordics.

Ultimately, I found out that the values upon which the Nordic societies are built and with which they still function resonate with my own values. With what I consider my personal norms and rules about how to do things. In life and business.

These are the 4 fundamental values that serve as my guiding light:

sustainability, respect, openness, creativity

Living the moment is good. For both people and businesses. But thinking also about the future helps towards more sustainable growth. After all, this is what sustainability is all about: taking care of what you need in the present without compromising the future. People living an unbalanced life find it hard to sustain their happiness levels in the long run. And businesses that prefer short-term marketing tactics and growth hacks find it hard to sustain their growth when the effect of the former dies out.

Often times, both people and businesses are reluctant to embrace diversity. And that also has to do with sustainable growth. Connecting seemingly unrelated things can lead you to discover amazing things. Getting to know people and practices from diverse cultures can really give you eye-opening perspectives. This is what diversity is all about. And once you embrace it, a whole new world of possibilities emerges.

People can find more balance and meaning in their lives and businesses get the opportunity to expand their operations and do things differently: new markets and audiences, new marketing approaches. But in order for diversity to work, you need to treat everything and everyone in an equal and respectful way.

Embracing diversity, respect and equality can help you embrace change. The sooner and more you do it, the better off you are and will be in the long run. Change happens whether people and businesses like it or not. It is inevitable. But it also gives you the opportunity to be open and learn new things. Learning is the key to success, today. And it will remain such. Because the world, society and business change, develop, evolve. Whoever is capable of keeping abreast of change will be winning.

This has always been the case. You can notice that in the work of all great storytellers. Nothing changes for the better without openness. And creativity simply helps it present itself in an appealing and inspiring way. Which is fundamental in order to spread the word and trigger more positive change. This is why businesses still invest in marketing and despite the emergence of all this new groundbreaking technology and tools, they cannot secure their survival and growth.

Speaking of creativity, fancy knowing why I use the moose as my symbol? There is a story behind it. Check this out.

But before that, let me know your thoughts below!

Which one of the four values below do you find more important?
HOW come the Nordic marketer?

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