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If you share your expertise for free, will you have any paying client? 🤓💰

Building a #personalbrand is all about #content. Showing who you are, why you do what you do, how and what is it that you ask others to pay you for.

Aha! The last phrase is a controversial one.

Many people believe that sharing your knowledge & expertise for free will only get you this far.

That there will be no one to pay you to work for them, simply because you have already shown them what to do, right?

This is a major false assumption!

First things first, #sharing is caring and good karma.

But why would anyone pay you then?

Well, this is life! Even if you share your value for free, there are still people out there willing to work with you because:

– they don’t have the time to do it (but you have)

– they know what to do but miss the details (not everyone is good at execution)

– they want to make it faster (you have the skills to do it)

– they simply procrastinate (you can help them start off)

This is why #freelancers#consultants & #coaches exist.

It is all about helping people & businesses achieve their goals.

I feel great doing that! And sharing your value for free does not go in your way to do your business.

How about you? Do you agree?

Let me know in the comments at the end of the LinkedIn article below!

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