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Do you like group things? Here are 3 big fat no-no’s! ⛔️❎❌

Recently, I posted about building your #tribe, for your brand.

One of the ways I suggest is building a #Facebook or #LinkedIn #group!

But way too often, #groups admins do it the wrong way. With poor results.

I admin a Facebook group myself & learned what not to do, in sweat & tears (well, OK, no tears as it’s been an absolute pleasure!)

Here are 3 major turn-offs:

1. being salesy. Groups are about connecting, engaging, learning. Share value, things your audience will appreciate, relevant and helpful content. If you want to talk about your product, do it in the form of asking for their feedback or opinion.

2. being repetitive. I found that posting the same things every week (like Motivation Tuesday or Free Friday) works only for a while. Then it becomes boring & people do not engage. Even if you have some content pillars, throw them in a group in an exciting way. Be creative!

3. being impersonal. People flock into groups because they want interaction with you. So, be personal & accessible. In my group, people often send me messages to ask me things, because as they say ‘I am a regular contributor to the group”. They don’t realise I am the admin.

Which of the three do you consider the biggest turn-off?

Let me know in the comments at the end of the LinkedIn article below!

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